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Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer

Participating Faculty: Simon
Mechanical Engineering Lab Room ME 273/275 (612) 301-1796

Research in this lab is focused on fundamental mechanisms of convective heat transfer; natural and forced flow. Studies include instabilities of buoyancy-driven and forced-convection flows; boundary layer flows in the laminar, transitional or turbulent regimes; impinging jets; curved flows; and more complex flows such as those in engine components. Studies are experimental, computational, or a mixture thereof. Though the studies are fundamental in nature, applications are found in gas turbines, Stirling engines, electronic and optical device cooling, manufacturing processes, and building environment control. Techniques include experiments with energy balances, laser-Doppler and hot-wire anemometry, liquid crystal thermometry, and thin-film sensors. Also included are finite volume analyses with various turbulence and transition models. Results are improved techniques for device and manufacturing process design and analysis as well as specifications of relevant parameters and design limits for system design purposes.

Items of interest:

Flow and thermal measurements in film cooling flows
Flow and Thermal Measurements in Film Cooling Flows

Gas Turbine Flow and Heat Transfer


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